This week I attended the Intermezzo Show which is a fashion trade show in NYC. I planned on snapping photos but didn't end up taking to many. I also represent a brand name Hazel which is a women's contemporary brand. I flew out to work with a few of our bigger accounts. I absolutely love attending all the trade shows because it allows me to see all the upcoming collections months before they are released to the public. Unfortunately most brands do not allow photos nor cameras near their booth so I wasn't able to share this with you. I stumbled upon the Jeffrey Campbell booth which was literally a jaw dropper. The new wedges are insane and lets just say the Lita style is here to stay! It's all revamped and delivered with newness. I didn't even know where to look! Every inch was covered in shoe candy! JC is def on point but lets be real he never seems let us down. I did get to chat with the rep from Jeffrey Campbell which was a sweetheart. She'll be sending over some photos after the new collection is realeaed so be sure to check back. I did get one little shot of the back of the booth. Enjoy!

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