Kimono Newness

Kimono Newness! Shop our Handmade Velvet Burnout Fringe Kimonos! 


  1. Anonymous11/18/2011

    The new kinomos are stunning! Not to mention that they are velvet with fringe too! I really like your shop but I currently can't afford anything there. Just wanna tell you too that I really really love your tumblr, but it seems like you didnt activate your ask so i couldn't send an ask to you.

  2. Hey Ly! Thank You so much! I really appreciate your comment! I offer a wide range of price points from $20-250. I try and hit every price point so everyone can afford something! The kimonos are priced higher since they are all handmade. As for my Tumblr...its my new obsession! I just started it and have had a great response with followers! Because of you I just added the Ask my anything! So please ask away! Thank you again for your sweet comments!