(PUR) Project Urban Renewal Editorial

  Saltwater Gypsy Esprit Denim Vest 

 Saltwater Gypsy Handmade Velvet Burnout Fringe Kimono Jacket 

Saltwater Gypsy Art Deco Sequin Jacket and Cropped Muscle Tee

▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ ▽△ 

How amazing is this editorial by (PUR) Project Urban Renewal? A few Saltwater Gypsy items were featured in this amazing spread! Every piece featured is available for purchase at the PUR Shop! The shop is filled with one-of-a-kind hand selected vintage! It's definitely a must see!

Photographer: Felisha Tolentino
Model: Mackii Shaye
Stylists: Madeline Sensibile + Kimberly Bruckbauer

(PUR) Project Urban Renewal | Space 15 Twenty

Shop Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12pm - 8pm

All clothing vintage for (PUR) Project Urban Renewal, available only at Space 15Twenty. (PUR) Project Urban Renewal is a handpicked collection of vintage apparel and accessories from their favorite collectors! Each garment is chosen for its unique style, quality and wear ability.


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