(PUR) Project Urban Renewal: Summery Winter

 Saltwater Gypsy High Waisted Stripe Pants $64

  Saltwater Gypsy High Waisted Stripe Pants $64

When it seems like it is cold everywhere else, it is still sunny and gorgeous in LA! These beautiful photos from Tressa make us want to drive out to the middle of nowhere and run around in a field and then watch the stars at night. Loving how they paired our Stripe Pants with that killer Floral One Piece! All clothing available only at (PUR) Project Urban Renewal, Space 15 Twenty.

Photographer: Tressa Scharf 
Photographer Assistant: Sarah Hernaez
Model: Carolina Luna
Stripe Pants - $64
Diane Freis Dress - $98
Floral One Piece - $52
Hot Pink Skirt - $48
Chain Necklace - $18

Stop by (PUR) Project Urban Renewal for all of your holiday shopping needs! 


Wednesday - Sunday, 12 pm - 8 pm

All clothing vintage for (PUR) Project Urban Renewal, available only at Space 15 Twenty.

(PUR) Project Urban Renewal is a handpicked collection of vintage apparel and accessories from their favorite collectors! Each garment is chosen for its unique style, quality and wear ability.

Photos Via: Space 1520

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