Saltwater Gypsy x Urban Outfitters

Saltwater Gypsy Vintage '90s Harley Eagle Muscle Tee
Saltwater Gypsy Vintage '80s Chiffon Paisley Jacket
Saltwater Gypsy Vintage '80s Crinkled Evening Maxi Dress

Shop the latest Saltwater Gypsy arrivals on Urbanoutfitters.com! You can find our Vintage finds in the One-of-a-kind Vintage section! All items are handpicked and exclusive to UO. Our vintage collection is also available at select Urban Outfitters stores. Be sure to browse the vintage racks for Saltwater Gypsy!

Photos Via: Urban Outfitters 


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so exciting! Congratulations on the UO collaboration! Any chance I might find some of the vintage collection in the Sacrament or Roseville store? If not, I might have to just do my shoppin' online! Especially for one of those amazing kimonos--swoon! :)

    xoxo Coco
    Muffin Top Baby

    1. Hey Coco!
      Thank You so much! If your local UO carries vintage then you should be able to find our collection hanging in the vintage section! If not it's available on UO online. We also have some killer items on our Etsy store!!